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Central Florida Corvette Association


Welcome to our website! Please browse through our site and see the various activities open to our members. We have meetings the last Tuesday of each month. This month we will meet at Seminole County Sheriff's Office, North Region Office, 805 Primera Blvd., Lake Mary, FL 32746. Our meetings begin at 7 pm. We also have dinner socials every second Tuesday of the month and in addition to, will be starting a Saturday breakfast / lunch every quarter for those that are unable to make our Tuesday socials. Those times and locations are posted on our calendar. We offer a Road Trip each month to new and interesting locations, as well as traveling to various car shows throughout central Florida and beyond. These also appear on our calendar of events. We are also asked to volunteer for local high school homecoming and prom parades, as well with Universal Orlando. Welcome, dear guest, on information site, on which pages you can read most best notes, news feeds and interviews.
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